SYNERGY [Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations]

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Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] with the application of IZUMIT instrument.

The Earth has an electric field, which is variable. Nowadays people are always in a state of fuss because of the social process. In such a way they get loose contact with the planet. The charge exchanges between the planet and individuals grow down. As a result, people deal with metabolic disturbance and tension relations.

The synergetic effect of NAS works indirectly on your overall life: you can solve any problems while being in contact with the Earth’s potential, the reason being because a man's happiness has plenty of free energy.

You need to find a corner to sit tight, compose yourself and view the instrument' panel (via the Internet as well). In such a manner you watch the atmospheric electricity variations — its increment and decrement. After a few sessions charge exchange will work out, in this way you will feel the slightest changing atmosphere by yourself.

Even practising public meditations people may go to their shells and feel disconnection. On the other side, the synchronization provides one-stage activity. NAS sessions grant the ideal — absolute — synchronization.

You can use NAS as a fact-finding act. But it can also become a school of awareness of oneself and the outside world for all interested people.

After the first few sessions you will achieve the following results:
  • restoration to health and strength,
  • balanced state (which includes positive changes in the tone of voice and body movements),
  • experience of eco-friendly communication,
  • new acquaintances,
  • augmented cognition and complex problem solving,
  • bridge building in family and with business partners.

In the long run the external metabolism will affect you, such as:
  • realize your potential,
  • become an easy-going person,
  • resume your natural course — this sensitized state promotes energy-storage and normal metabolism,
  • learn how to understand your feelings and balance the vital rhythm,
  • improve immunity and become quick study,
  • generate appeal (growth acceleration of hair, healthy state of skin, etc.),
  • improve prevention from all physiological blocks (insomnia, overweight, mild forms of health problems; childbearing),
  • develop competence in teamwork and enhance its productivity (the particular concern of sports teams),
  • patch up relations with surrounding persons.

NAS is a universal method for all ages. There are no contraindications or side effects. In fact, we recommend this method for children, golden-agers and mothers-to-be.

Our masters complete strong training before starting and work on a case-by-case basis.

Intro class is free.

One individual session — 5 000 roubles.

One collective session in group of 5-7 people — 3 000 roubles, five collective sessions — 10 000 roubles.

The members of Poradovalo attend NAS on easy terms (q.v. The potential supporting fund).

You can attend NAS sessions in the mornings on a daily basis. Every regular session takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For a long-lasting effect you need to participate in 5 sessions at fixed intervals 2-3 times a week as a minimum. You can increase this effect in Potential Dealings Company, where you mix with equals.

Leave an application in the comments below or send it to and we will get in contact with you. Tickets are available at (

*NAS is a part of the Complex synchronization system.

Text editor: Claire Borland


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