The complex synchronization system in big evolving communities.

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Social physics' scientific discoveries can change the global economic situation.

At the present day each and all use timing. It's plain common sense. Tower clocks and personal watches cost a sight of money, need repair and maintenance expenses. What else did we expect? In other circumstances we'll see failures in all directions at once. In the end, the productivity of the megapolises and the whole countries would be no longer kept. Timing is essential in large communities, but is not the only suitable condition for order and fruitfulness.

Let's consider a specific example. Furniture needs to be moved to another room, few people synchronously — 'heave-ho' — and lift this item, while someone helps to check the direction. If this is carried out correctly, the matter is solved. But if they were not to communicate correctly, the issue would not be solved. Simple coordinated communication results in productivity increase.

When the communities were small, simple synchronization (sun-clock, etc.) was enough for them. But things are changing with the progress of people. Every ethnic group introduces into its community, custom singing, dancing, studies and other forms of synchronized demonstrations. The best part is people's art.

The most delicate synchronization types are sensitive potential ones: Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] and System Meaning Synchronizations [SMS]. Using them, people coordinate high-level system meanings up to fundamental scientific principles.

If not for that fact, there are only essential synchronization types left, and more complex forms fade away. As a result this disconnection leads to a crisis. It’s said that crisis is the problem in economy. But in truth all economic crises point to the lack of unity in uncontrolled energy spectrums.

To alter the situation, our independent research team makes a constructive effort to help other companies and individuals practice the Complex synchronization system.

The groups from 5 to 7 members attend virtual conferences with our leading specialists and investigate the Complex synchronization system:
☆ System Meaning Synchronizations [SMS];
Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] — resuming to the natural course;
Potential-Money Flow — business synchronizations in the format of management game;
☆ Vocal Abstract Synchronizations [VAS];
☆ Dance Abstract Synchronizations [DAS];
☆ Sport Abstract Synchronizations [SAS].

To activate such institutes is imperative of our time for the good of the community and for the sake of peace.

Text editor: Claire Borland

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