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The complex synchronization system in big evolving communities.

Social physics' scientific discoveries can change the global economic situation.

At the present day each and all use timing. It's plain common sense. Tower clocks and personal watches cost a sight of money, need repair and maintenance expenses. What else did we expect? In other circumstances we'll see failures in all directions at once. In the end, the productivity of the megapolises and the whole countries would be no longer kept. Timing is essential in large communities, but is not the only suitable condition for order and fruitfulness.

Let's consider a specific example. Furniture needs to be moved to another room, few people synchronously — 'heave-ho' — and lift this item, while someone helps to check the direction. If this is carried out correctly, the matter is solved. But if they were not to communicate correctly, the issue would not be solved. Simple coordinated communication results in productivity increase.

When the communities were small, simple synchronization (sun-clock, etc.) was enough for them. But things are changing with the progress of people. Every ethnic group introduces into its community, custom singing, dancing, studies and other forms of synchronized demonstrations. The best part is people's art.

The most delicate synchronization types are sensitive potential ones: Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] and System Meaning Synchronizations [SMS]. Using them, people coordinate high-level system meanings up to fundamental scientific principles.

If not for that fact, there are only essential synchronization types left, and more complex forms fade away. As a result this disconnection leads to a crisis. It’s said that crisis is the problem in economy. But in truth all economic crises point to the lack of unity in uncontrolled energy spectrums.

To alter the situation, our independent research team makes a constructive effort to help other companies and individuals practice the Complex synchronization system.

The groups from 5 to 7 members attend virtual conferences with our leading specialists and investigate the Complex synchronization system:
☆ System Meaning Synchronizations [SMS];
Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] — resuming to the natural course;
Potential-Money Flow — business synchronizations in the format of management game;
☆ Vocal Abstract Synchronizations [VAS];
☆ Dance Abstract Synchronizations [DAS];
☆ Sport Abstract Synchronizations [SAS].

To activate such institutes is imperative of our time for the good of the community and for the sake of peace.

Text editor: Claire Borland


PORADOVALO is a community of people and companies, that:
— have the good of everyone's well-being and evolution at heart,
— create an atmosphere of trust and pleasure, helping one another to keep up to the mark,
— have their favorite occupation,
— cope with tasks as high-caliber professionals,
— practice co-creation,
— attain their aims easy and in a breeze,
— give hearty support to everyone,
— keep a HAPPY lifestyle, when labour of love, healthy body and mutual love are in balance
and, as a result, can make a real difference in a life of society!

An interview with Poradovalo's co-founder Dmitriy Dobrov.

Dmitriy, what is the meaning of the name Poradovalo? What is the history of the Poradovalo' creation?

— The name Poradovalo has the first letters of the russian words, which mean Potential, Joy, Prosperity. At present Poradovalo is an eco-friendly sphere, way of life, which is really well-suited to us. We help our members to succeed and to rejoice over their victory. We focus on usefulness and gladness. Everything else is of less importance.
I’ve been wanting this freedom within my business for a long time. Later I found fellow-thinkers, together we realized that this question is system-level. In 2011 we launched a website poradovalo.com to engage the attention of business owners, who wanted to develop business and achieve dreams. Eventually our site grew into a storehouse of knowledge and unique technologies.

What's in it for every community member?
— While participating in a project everybody discovers treasures that help him to work and develop business more efficiently. He will consume less energy, getting more good and moral consideration. As the result, he earns three kinds of income: moral, resource and finance.
Regardless of the field of activity, our community has a knock-on effect. We direct everyone's attention to the areas of growth and help them to find themselves.

Which way do you go now?
— In response to demand we came into the open market. We are now in a position to lend technological assistance to the companies, communities and individuals so as to complete their vital tasks.

Please, tell us in detail about the club 'Golden proportion'.
— In this club you may learn to improve your relations on a much different level. If there is no eurhythmy between people in business-area or in personal life, we suggest it's because of deep-water inconsistencies. Psychology helps us on the intelligence level (negotiating, good listener and sympathetic understanding skills). Social physics takes account that everybody has a specified energy field that affects other people. Meaning you will feel chemistry again.

Who is club 'Golden proportion' good for?
— It's good for every man and woman, who want to get to the bottom of interrelationships and move them to a new orbit.

Please, tell us about the festival 'Breath of Earth'. What is it about?
— There are lots of festivals. Usually, people gather in order to do good for themselves: practice yoga, listen to the music, etc. And what about nature? It can hardly wait for our attention! Up to now, nothing has been said about such kind of influence.
We want all people on the planet to know that their mood, their life, their activity, has an impact on the Earth’s potential. We want to propose a simple way out of the crisis and climate difficulties.

When does the festival start?
— In fact, it's not a festival but festival movement. So it has no fixed date. It started immediately when we began making arrangements. You can join us anytime!

Text editor: Claire Borland

SYNERGY [Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations]

Noosphere Absolute Synchronizations [NAS] with the application of IZUMIT instrument.

The Earth has an electric field, which is variable. Nowadays people are always in a state of fuss because of the social process. In such a way they get loose contact with the planet. The charge exchanges between the planet and individuals grow down. As a result, people deal with metabolic disturbance and tension relations.

The synergetic effect of NAS works indirectly on your overall life: you can solve any problems while being in contact with the Earth’s potential, the reason being because a man's happiness has plenty of free energy.

You need to find a corner to sit tight, compose yourself and view the instrument' panel (via the Internet as well). In such a manner you watch the atmospheric electricity variations — its increment and decrement. After a few sessions charge exchange will work out, in this way you will feel the slightest changing atmosphere by yourself.

Even practising public meditations people may go to their shells and feel disconnection. On the other side, the synchronization provides one-stage activity. NAS sessions grant the ideal — absolute — synchronization.

You can use NAS as a fact-finding act. But it can also become a school of awareness of oneself and the outside world for all interested people.

After the first few sessions you will achieve the following results:
  • restoration to health and strength,
  • balanced state (which includes positive changes in the tone of voice and body movements),
  • experience of eco-friendly communication,
  • new acquaintances,
  • augmented cognition and complex problem solving,
  • bridge building in family and with business partners.

In the long run the external metabolism will affect you, such as:
  • realize your potential,
  • become an easy-going person,
  • resume your natural course — this sensitized state promotes energy-storage and normal metabolism,
  • learn how to understand your feelings and balance the vital rhythm,
  • improve immunity and become quick study,
  • generate appeal (growth acceleration of hair, healthy state of skin, etc.),
  • improve prevention from all physiological blocks (insomnia, overweight, mild forms of health problems; childbearing),
  • develop competence in teamwork and enhance its productivity (the particular concern of sports teams),
  • patch up relations with surrounding persons.

NAS is a universal method for all ages. There are no contraindications or side effects. In fact, we recommend this method for children, golden-agers and mothers-to-be.

Our masters complete strong training before starting and work on a case-by-case basis.

Intro class is free.

One individual session — 5 000 roubles.

One collective session in group of 5-7 people — 3 000 roubles, five collective sessions — 10 000 roubles.

The members of Poradovalo attend NAS on easy terms (q.v. The potential supporting fund).

You can attend NAS sessions in the mornings on a daily basis. Every regular session takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For a long-lasting effect you need to participate in 5 sessions at fixed intervals 2-3 times a week as a minimum. You can increase this effect in Potential Dealings Company, where you mix with equals.

Leave an application in the comments below or send it to lavkaporadovalo@gmail.com and we will get in contact with you. Tickets are available at Lavka.Poradovalo.com (http://lavka.poradovalo.com/catalog/potentsialnaya_kultura/nas_sinkhronizatsii_5_sessiy/).

*NAS is a part of the Complex synchronization system.

Text editor: Claire Borland